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Bodyscape Boudoir offers an intimate, luxury photography experience.

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Meet Jessica

Hello, gorgeous.

I’m Jessica Elizabeth, owner and photographer at Bodyscape Boudoir in Kansas City, Missouri. As an intimate portraiture photographer for women of all body types and backgrounds. My job is to help you see the way I see all of my clients—as a work of art.

I love what I do because every woman’s beauty is unique to only her. How amazing is that? No one else in the world is you, and that is what makes you beautiful.


Why boudoir?

Your body should be celebrated. I show women that they don’t have to live their life set by the standards of media, people around them, or any other approval but their own. My goal has always been to show women how incredible they are in every single stage of life.

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International Recognition

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Treat yourself to a boudoir experience.

Boudoir is an adventure that gives you permission to be yourself. Experience a thrilling photography experience that celebrates your strength and beauty.

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