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How much does a boudoir session cost?

Boudoir Sessions starts at $450 and include a pre-shoot consultation, wardrobe advice, professional hair and makeup, and professional retouching of all final images. Prints and products may be purchased separately.

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How do I prepare for my session?

Preparing for your session will be easier than you think. Every client receives a copy of the Prep Guide after their consultation. We are never going to ask you to drastically change yourself—no crash dieting or extreme makeovers. We want you to come as you are! However, spray tans are not recommended, but normal tans photograph well.

Will I do my own hair and makeup for my session? 

All of our sessions include professional hair and makeup. We want to pamper you from start to finish and help you look and feel the best for your photoshoot.

How far in advance do I need to come in for my session?

If your session is on a time frame, please let us know during your pre-session consultation. Typically, we recommend your session occurs 2-3 months out from your deadline.

When do I get to see my photos?

After your session, we'll meet again 3 -4 weeks after your photoshoot. You will see all of your final images, fully retouched to a custom slideshow. At the time of your viewing and ordering, we'll provide you with expert advice to help select your favorite images and make sure your album design or other printed products are one of a kind.

I don't want my images shared. is that okay?

You NEVER have to share your images anywhere. Our client trust is very important and we will always respect your needs. If you do decide to share, we will determine which platforms (website, social media) you want to allow your photos on.

I think I’m ready! How do we get started?

Ready to become a Bodyscape Boudoir Babe? The next step is to contact us and book your consultation. Each client will receive a complimentary in-person consultation where we will go over all the fine details, chat, get to know each other more, and sign all the final paperwork. To get started on your session, please visit our Contact page or send an email to


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